The association Wuala nu Orukula - Sowing and Harvesting e.V. has been granted land in Mozambique in the district Melomba, near Cuamba right on the river Lurio.
In this region there lives the tribe of Makua, whose language "Mauke" is spoken in 6 of 11 provinces in Mozambique's.
The Education Centre will be a place to live and work on human self-determination.
Here food is planted and further refined.
Examples of food processing are smoked meat and sausages, dairy products, cereals, etc.
Cooperation with German training companies make a know-how transfer, which is optimally adapted to the local needs (eg Black Forest smoked, canned).
Here energy crops are cultivated, such as Jahropha (Puniernuss oil quality as rape) and Miscantus for their own personal use and sale.
The power plant seedlings can be sold to other energy plantations (nursery). So the spread is strongly supported.
Sponsored Students can here to help during their holidays and gain practical experience.
Students of the Catholic University of Agricultural Engineering Cuamba can complete their practical work here.
On the plantation, there will be a lot of new good jobs.
On the plantation dual training for manual professions is made possible, with the aim of cooperation between German and local partners to promote sustainable skilled jobs.
Other major infrastructure technologies that are taught here and put into practice:
  •     Build wells and water technology expertise and pass other villages - high infant mortality by dirty water
  •     Solar technology - better conditions for learning, less consumption of local resources, increased safety by belgium at night
  •     Mobility and Vehicle Technology