Salvador Joao was fortunate that his father allowed him an education in order to give his life a positive direction. In 2001 Salvador Joao promoted the first children financially and conceptually in Cuamba, to also give them the chance of a positive life. Simple people have no money in Mocambique no chance to give their children a good education. After the first four years of primary education school ends and these children spend their lives in great dependence and usually remain illiterate.

The following funding was privately spent by Salvador Joao:

  • 11 schoolchildren be encouraged since 2001
  •   1 Young is a qualified teacher in Cuamba, Northern Mozambique
  •   1 Young studied agricultural engineering at the Catholic University of Cuamba and Engineering
  •   1 Young studied computer science at the State University of Cuamba metallic and has a doctorate in connection
  •   6 children are now in the 9th grade of the State metallic Mecanhelas boarding school until 12th grade
  •   3 children attend the 6th class of the State metallic Mitucue boarding school until 12th grade

Many other parents have requested Mr. Joao to support their children. However, this exceeds his personal commitment and had to limit the aids.

The children have to spend it all yourself:

  • Cost of boarding
  • School fees
  • Clothing
  • School supplies

Salvador Joao himself grew up in this area and knows personally the tough conditions. He has two confidants, Eduardo Jaessa (Youth Welfare Office) and Pastor Anselmo (pastors) who run since 2001 the project site and lead.

The objective is now the previously private commitment to provide a broad and sustainable basis.