"Wuala nu Orukula", Sowing and Harvesting, is an association for the promotion of self-help initiative in Africa, i.e. the whole of Africa.

The starting point for the activities of the association is first the living environment and experience of Salvador Joao, who has built up here in Europe a network of people who come from different African countries, whether they were born there, or whether, that their parents come from there. The association has therefore taken on the task to and build on a network of projects and people and to develop that many people in Africa are the possibilities and perspectives to be found in their country in Africa their perspective on life, as selbstbewuste and free people. This is for them to compete no longer the constraint and the need for safety in an uncertain journey across the Mediterranean to Europe to political freedom

In its Focus Africa "And still a chance Continent - The new Africa policy guidelines" (no. 527, July / August 2014. 59. Born, p.90) writes Günther Nooke, the personal representative of Africa German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

"Other priorities in the guidelines of regional integration as a prerequisite for a peaceful, stable and economically successful development, the fight against the causes of flight, such as poverty, hunger and conflict and the increased cooperation with Africa as a global partner in the protection of global public goods. When focus self-sustaining economic Development is about the promotion of local entrepreneurs and companies, so that they can survive in the market through this support broadens the economic base:.. value added and employment in African countries be increased and improved tax revenues resulting new funding opportunities of the state "
Under the heading PERSPECTIVE FOR YOUTH Günther Nooke continues:
"All of these objectives the support of private business enterprises and investment in African countries are key factors for a stable and sustainable development. Without being able to give the millions of young people in Africa a perspective for their lives, as evidenced by only by economic growth and good policy, but not Development cooperation is possible stabilization of African countries is unlikely to succeed. "

Thus the fleeing people from Africa, no longer here in Europe must seek their freedom and a fairer life and can lead a auskömmliches life in their African homelands, the association and its conveyor conveys ducrch him projects and actions on the ground to make it happen.

According to National Institute of Statistics in 2007 amounted to the shares of the major religions in the country 56.1% Christians (Catholic, Zionist, Protestant, Anglican) and 17.9% Muslim (mostly Sunni). The northern provinces of the country have a majority Muslim population, the southern and central provinces merhheitlich a Christian population. It is noteworthy that there are no significant problems in Mozambique between all religious groups. The association considers it important that all people of good will can benefit from its funding work on the ground.